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Homeowner's insurance carriers and Adjusting firms have had cloud-based web applications for managing and assigning claims for years. Meanwhile, Field Adjusters have been using pen and paper, spreadsheets and word processors for managing claims in the office, taking notes at inspections, report writing and tracking financials. is a cloud-based claim-handling tool for Property Field Adjusters. Independent and Public Adjusters will benefit from the intuitive design, with content-relevent questions and options keeping your screen simple and efficient.

One-time data entry stores claim info for re-use
Familiar spreadsheet-type grid for claim tracking
Keep your claims on track with subtle reminders
Manage scheduling and contacts
Keep all of your claim research in 1 place
Bring all your scheduling and research data to the inspection
Gather data at the inspection
Use data from the inspection to assist with reporting
Disputed claims worksheet holds extra information
Manage billing with a robust fee schedule engine
Track payments with the Cash Tracker
View your performance and financial metrics

Possibly the biggest frustration reported by Field Adjusters is the re-entry of data. Common bits of information are often copied and pasted repeatedly while you're working on a claim, leaving opportunity for mistakes and unecessary extra actions. The claim number, Insured's name, address and policy number, for example are used on every document you turn in with your report. Those same bits of information are also used for creating a folder of working files on your computer and are added to your Excel list of claims. Claimpenguin is designed to provide common sense solutions for working Field Adjusters.

Claimpenguin is also designed for sharing scheduling data with an assistant, in real-time. This is especially critical in a catastrophe or high-production daily scenario when you want to maximize your time inspecting and reporting.